Andersson ready to strike back after fuel issue in Norway

After a successful first half of the season with consistent top scores, the reigning CrossCar champion Nils Andersson endured a difficult weekend at Round 5 in Norway.

Starting on a high, Andersson went fastest on opening day at Finnskogbanen and everything looked to be under control, however, the problems started early on Sunday morning during warm-up.

After working on the engine for most of the day, changing the fuel pump, fuel line, wiring loom and sensors, the team were unable to find the problem. The Suzuki Speedcar was down on power throughout the day, ending up last on the road in the final and 23 seconds behind eventual winner Jimmie Österberg.

Last weekend Andersson managed to claim a podium position during the NEZ championship event, highlighting that the problems have been solved.

“The engine totally lost power and was just limping around the track in Norway,” said the young Swede. “After changing sensors and lots of different parts, we finally had to give up and just accept that this will be a lost race. Arriving back to the workshop after the race, we investigated the fuel pumps and found that the filters were totally blocked. The fuel container was contaminated with a lot of sand

“It was a great feeling to be back on the Podium in the NEZ event after the disappointing weekend in RallyX Norway. Now I am really looking forward to striking back and reclaim the championship lead at the final event in Tierp.”