‘All-Star’ Magic Weekend – Competitor Information


The COVID-19 situation has posed problems for a great many industries, and motorsport is no exception. It has caused events to be postponed or in some cases cancelled, thrown calendars into chaos and led to uncertainty in every area.

Höljes’ Magic Weekend is a legendary and much-loved event on the international rallycross schedule, but the coronavirus pandemic cast its future into very serious doubt. When the decision was taken to officially delay the World Championship round until August, it looked like there would be no Magic Weekend in 2020, but we were not willing to let that happen.

Working closely together, Finnskoga MK, NEP and RX Promotion have devised the innovative new ‘All-Star’ Magic Weekend, which will take place on the traditional date of the first weekend in July.

Bringing together some of the biggest names in the sport with some of rallycross’ brightest young talents and most enthusiastic supporters, this is an event for everybody and one that will help to safeguard the future of one of the most iconic circuits in the sport.

Government guidelines mean the ‘All-Star’ Magic Weekend must run behind closed doors, so again, we have thought ‘out-of-the-box’ and NEP have stepped up to guarantee an unprecedented level of live coverage both on and off-track.

Following a pay-per-view model, a percentage of the revenue from viewer subscriptions will go direct to Höljes, as will a significant percentage of all competitor entry fees.

Viewers will be given the opportunity to make additional voluntary donations during the live broadcast.

The message is very much ‘stay home’ and enjoy all the action on the screen, as this is the best way to ensure both Höljes’ future and that of the Magic Weekend.

We know how hungry everybody is for some live rallycross action, and as the first event on the 2020 international rallycross calendar, we are very confident that the ‘All-Star’ Magic Weekend will attract significant attention.

For us like for you, racing is our lifeblood – so come and join us for the ‘All-Star’ Magic Weekend to celebrate the return of our glorious sport.

More details can be found and downloaded via the link below: