Guillaume De Ridder: ” Things are going in the right direction”

While Viktor Vranckx continues to impress in the RallyX Nordic Supercar category with his ZEROID X1, Guillaume De Ridder was pleased with the development of his young protégé during the Tierp event last week.

In addition to three victories in four races in the Supercar Pro Am category and a leading position in the overall championship standings, Viktor Vranckx also took advantage of rounds 3 and 4 of the RallyX Nordic in Tierp to secure his first two qualifications for a final in the Supercar Pro category.

A performance that delighted the former RallyX champion in Supercar Lites.

“The weekend in Tierp was not one of the easiest for Viktor,” said Guillaume De Ridder.

“He made two or three small mistakes on the start line while trying to keep up with the ICE Supercars. Of course, for Viktor, it’s always a bit frustrating not to be able to compete with these cars on the starts. When you find yourself in this situation, you always want to close the gap and this can lead to mistakes. Nevertheless, it is positive because it is by making these kinds of mistakes that Viktor will be able to continue to progress and grow”.

For Guillaume De Ridder, Viktor Vranckx’s great strength is definitely in his mental capabilities.

“What I remember from this last weekend of racing is that beyond the result itself, Viktor was able to bounce back every time. This was particularly the case in the semi-final of race 2 where he made a mistake on the first turn by hitting the VW Polo of Ole-Christian Veiby while narrowly avoiding contact with the wall. After this race, Viktor was a bit under the weather. For a 17 year old driver, these are not easy situations to deal with, but Viktor was able to react afterwards. It wasn’t easy to get back into the swing of things for the final in just a few minutes, but it was a perfect exercise for him to learn.

“That’s why we chose to go back to RallyX Nordic this year. You can do as many practice sessions as you want, but nothing can replace real competition situations that allow us to really work. In this context, Viktor can learn to handle a whole range of situations while being able to forget what happened in the previous run to focus only on the next. That’s how you maximize a driver’s performance and from that point of view Viktor did very well and our approach is definitely going in the right direction.