RallyX continue to invest in European Motorsport and present the 2023 calendar

We are very excited to present the RallyX schedule for 2023 and the new regulations with new ideas how to deliver the best races possible.

Also to announce Denmark and Norway´s return to the RallyX schedule is great news and something we feel builds more interest and a stronger build for the future. The ambition for the RallyX series is as always high and includes world class thrill entertainment and continued long term investment into a fossil free motorsport future, says Andreas Eriksson RallyX.

Supercar Pro / Supercar Pro Am

We at RallyX are very excited to add our additional feature, the Supercar Pro Am class to our program in 2023 and beyond.

Short history behind our thoughts on adding this category:

The current level in the RallyX Supercar category is extremely high and we have seen and heard that other drivers hesitate to join because of that reason. Both because of the level of drivers but also the level of the car they own. We strongly believe this would be a great opportunity to attract even more cars and drivers to the Championship.




We continue with our fantastic TV broadcast

Our advanced and popular TV production with many camera angles, racing drone, track cameras etc. will continue in 2023. As in previous years, everyone can watch the broadcast live and free on Youtube, Motorvison or Sportsmax TV. RallyX TV – Click here! 


Nysum, Denmark Round 1 – 22/4 Round 2 – 23/4

Tierp Arena, Sweden Round 3 – 6/5 Round 4 – 7/5

Kouvola, Finland Round 5 – 27/5 Round 6 – 28/5

Grenland, Norway Round 7 – 25-27August

Höljes, Sweden Round 8 – 2/9 – 3/9