Lukas Andersson: ‘These things happen’

Despite a semi-final elimination in Race 2 in Kouvola, Lukas Andersson is more than satisfied with his performances in Finland.

As in 2023, Lukas Andersson has managed to win the first three rounds of the RallyX championship. And just like last year, his race 2 in Kouvola ended with a collision at the exit of turn 1, which put a definitive end to his hopes of winning.

However, the JC Raceteknik driver, who is already ahead of his schedule, does not seem to be worried by this elimination.

At this stage of the season last year, Lukas Andersson had 103 points after four races, compared to 105 this year, out of a total of 120 points at stake since Tierp. What’s more, his lead over his nearest rival is nine points this year, compared to just three last year.

In full control with four consecutive wins in the intermediate classification, Lukas has also set three fastest times in the 12 qualifying races contested.

In other words, the JC Raceteknik pilot analysed with some distance the end of the race 2 in Kouvola, where a collision ruined his attempt to recover from his false start a few moments earlier.

“Race 1 on Saturday was very good. I was able to rely on my efficiency throughout the day. I managed to put in some very good laps in the race without making any mistakes,’ said Lukas.

“On Sunday, in race 2, I was again able to rely on a very good speed. Admittedly, I lost the thread a little in Q2 (5th fastest), but I was able to react in the right way in Q3 and set the fastest time in Supercar Lites. Unfortunately, in the semi-final, I was a little too quick at the start. I was convinced the light was going to turn green and I released the clutch a little too early. Of course I got two joker laps, but my second start wasn’t very good and I lost a bit of ground in the first few metres. We were side-by-side coming out of Turn 1 before a contact sent me spinning. I don’t really know what happened, but these things happen. Nevertheless, it was a good second weekend and I’m going to do everything I can to give it my all at the next round of the championship at Alvsbyn.”

The same sentiment was echoed by the boss of JC Raceteknik, who didn’t seem to be affected by a more complicated end to the weekend than expected.

“Lukas was very strong all weekend,’ said Joel Christoffersson.

“I think he’s made a big step forward compared to last season and his win in Race 1 was a really good performance. The jump start on Sunday was a shame, but something he will learn from.

One thing is for sure: Lukas Andersson can be proud of the progress he has made since the 2023 season.

On a Kouvola track that is not his favourite, he had to make do with a total of 32 points over the two races last year, compared to 48 this year. A good sign before he heads to Alvsbyn at the end of June.