Eirik Hesla-Berget out to prove that hard work always pays off

Now back in action with a full program in the Supercar Lites category, Eirik Hesla-Berget intends to use his return to the RallyX championship to continue his progress and get closer to the famous top 3.

Although he only competed in two events last season, the STS RX driver showed a speed that suggested he had the potential to fight for one of the three podium spots.

A rise to prominence that the young Norwegian driver intends to confirm this year.

“To be back in SuperCar Lites for a full RallyX program is a huge relief and a dream come true. We have worked hard to make this possible and thanks to all the good support we have received, it has finally become a reality,” explains Eirik.

“Starting the season knowing that we will be in all the races does something to your mind. I work hard to find that balance where you can drive at a high level, but not take unnecessary risks that could affect the championship. This year we have the opportunity to make the most of my potential, and with the continuity of a full season we can do our best to improve each time the green light comes on. ”

Admittedly, his start to the championship in seventh place overall and only one qualification for a final is not really representative of the Norwegian’s abilities in RallyX, but he has no intention of confusing speed with haste.

“I think the main difference from last year’s two races will be that this year we have the chance to put even more effort into improving. Both the driving and the set-up. In Höljes we proved to ourselves that we were closer than ever and I hope that in 2024 we can continue where we finished in 2023.”

“I am probably one of the drivers in the championship with the most limited racing experience, with less than 30 races in my career so far. So our biggest improvement last year was in terms of racecraft and daring to be braver in the starts and close racing. The most important thing will probably be to continue to improve my confidence in the car and to trust that I and the car work well together.”

Still under the mentorship of Sandra Hultgren and two-time defending champion Simon Olofsson, Eirik knows he has all the tools he needs to improve his skills.

“Simon and STS RX have a lot of experience and knowledge that we find very helpful! Their knowledge has helped me in many ways. I have learnt to understand the car better and to find out more easily what and where we can improve both on the track and in the set-up of the car. I have also learnt how well a team can work together towards a goal and improve as quickly as possible!”

While Eirik has already secured six top 6 finishes in the 12 qualifying rounds he’s been able to take part in since Tierp, the STS RX driver wants to use the last six races of the championship to show what he’s really capable of.

“I have higher expectations for the upcoming season than before, but I still try to keep in mind that the SuperCar Lites category has a really high level of talent this year. My main goal is to continue the progress I made last year and fight for the top positions in qualifying, finals and of course the championship! I would love to stand on the podium in a race this season.”

“Rallycross is rallycross and anything can happen. If we can get through the season without any major problems I think we should be more than happy! Of course, we want to achieve our goals and prove to ourselves that hard work pays off. Every season with rallycross is a great season for me, especially in RallyX. RallyX has always been a big dream for me and I am grateful for every race I get the chance to compete in!”