Marceau Launay bets on the long term

Despite claiming his first career podium at Kouvola last May, Marceau Launay has opted to skip this weekend’s Swedish round at Alvsbyn. But that’s not stopping the 2023 French Junior Champion from looking ahead to the next chapter of his adventures on the RallyX Championship.

However, while Julien Meunier will be there in Älvsbyn to defend the French flag, Marceau Launay will be absent.

“It’s a disappointment for me, but we’ll have to live with it. We built up this programme relatively late in the off-season and a few last-minute unforeseen circumstances meant we had to miss out on this race,” stresses Marceau.

“It’s obviously a disappointment not to be able to compete at Älvsbyn this weekend, but that’s just part of the ups and downs of motorsport. We’ll be back in business for the last four races of the championship in Nysum and Buxtehude but, for personal reasons, we won’t be able to defend our chances in Sweden this weekend”.

After securing a podium finish in Finland last month, the Frenchman is the first to realise the importance of his absence in Alvsbyn.

“It’s a circuit on which nobody has any references and I would have loved to get behind the wheel to measure myself against the most experienced drivers in the category and find out my true speed. I’ll just have to be patient until the next stage of the championship in Denmark”.

Indeed, the French driver has no intention of giving up.

“We’ve always been clear about our ambitions. The first objective was to get our bearings in this championship with a view to the 2025 season. We’ve already learnt a lot since Tierp and our ambition is to do the same in Nysum and Buxtehude. Our strategy is to establish ourselves in RallyX over the long term. That’s why I look back on our absence at Alvsbyn with some distance. It’s certainly frustrating, but it in no way calls into question our commitment to this championship.”