Viktor Vranckx: “An incredible feeling”

Viktor Vranckx achieved an unprecedented performance last weekend by becoming the first driver in RallyX history to take his EV to the third step of the Pro Supercar class podium alongside Kevin Eriksson and Gustav Bergström.

In addition to being the leader in the Pro-AM championship with three victories in four races, Viktor Vranckx had a hard time realizing the magnitude of this result in the Pro class.

“I had to deal with a lot of ups and downs in race 2, but it ended in the best possible way with this podium,” said Viktor.

The 2022 FIA RX2e champion performed well in qualifying with a fourth and sixth place finish, and once again beat the odds.

“To finish on the podium is an incredible feeling. Honestly, I was surprised by my speed in the final. It’s even more true that the car was not in top shape. It was very damaged and it was very difficult to compete with the best drivers. Especially on the straights, where I had to deal with brake problems. So to be able to take third place in the Pro Supercar class while not finishing so far from Kevin Eriksson and Gustav Bergstrom is a big surprise for me.

A performance that can only strengthen the confidence of Viktor Vranckx before returning at the end of May to the Kouvola track on which he was very competitive in 2022, notably by achieving two Top 8 finishes in qualifying during the second race of the weekend.

“I am leading the Pro-AM championship with three wins in four races. It’s a very good start to the season. I really didn’t expect to perform this well. It’s still hard to compete with the Pro drivers, but I think the Kouvola circuit can help me increase my lead in the overall Pro-AM standings because my lack of power won’t be as big a problem at other tracks. Between my experience on the track and the good results we’ve been able to collect this year, I think we’ll have a very good opportunity to perform”