Martin Enlund needs to close the gap

Even though Martin Enlund has made a perfect start to his 2023 season by scoring no less than three podiums in four races, the Swede is still waiting for his first victory in the Supercar Lites category.

Despite being able to put Lukas Andersson under pressure in the final of Race 1 in Tierp last weekend, Martin Enlund thought he had found the right formula for the second day of racing.

Unfortunately, things did not go exactly to plan for the Swedish driver. Despite setting the second fastest time in Q1 of race 2, Martin Enlund had to make do with fourth and fifth fastest times to complete his qualifying.

Only fourth in the intermediate classification, this did not stop Enlund from claiming his third podium of the year in four races by being the only one able to follow the pace set by Lukas Andersson in the final.

“We are not very happy with our performances in qualifying and the semi-final,” said Martin after the finish.

“Overall, we lacked speed in race 2. Something went wrong between me and the car, but the good thing is that we were able to put it right in the final with a very strong pace. These are things that we will be able to use to work ahead of the next race in Kouvola. We know we have the speed and we were able to prove it in the final, but what bothers me the most is that we could have taken advantage of this to try to take more points from our opponents for the championship.”

Able to score 41 points in the first event of the 2023 season in Nysum, Martin Enlund scored 49 on the Tierp track against 50 for Lukas Andersson and 53 for Simon Olofsson.

While Martin Enlund remains close to his two major title rivals, he has seen his deficit on leader Lukas Andersson increase from 12 to 13 points, while since Nysum Simon Olofsson has increased his advantage over Enlund from 6 to 10 points.

“This season I am much more consistent than I was last year. That’s a good thing because that was my goal this year, but the problem is that Simon and Lukas are even more consistent than I am,” smiled Martin.

“We’ll see what we can do in the next few races. I will definitely have to step up my game and get some wins if I want to close the gap in the overall championship standings. Last year, I had a lot of technical issues with the car in Kouvola but I still love this track. Kouvola is a track where you need a lot of commitment and I’m convinced that we can get a good result on this track at the end of the month”.