Casper Jansson looks back on his 2023 season

Despite a difficult first half of the championship, marked by two semi-final eliminations out of the first four races of the year, Casper Jansson was nevertheless able to react in the final stretch of the 2023 season.

Fourth in the overall standings, 23 points behind two-time Supercar Lites champion Simon Olofsson, Casper Jansson was unable to convert his RallyX championship title ambitions into reality.

On the other hand, his performances over the last four rounds of the year confirmed that he had lost none of his speed.

With five podium finishes in the last six races on the calendar, Casper concluded his program with an impressive run of four consecutive podiums. This brings his career total to seven podiums, while his victory at Höljes means he now joins the select group of 10 drivers who have managed to reach the milestone of three Supercar Lites victories.

Casper was delighted with the result, even if he was hoping for better than fourth place in the overall championship standings.

“Ending the 2023 season on a high note with a victory to my name, and also the national title of Swedish champion, obviously gives me a very good feeling. If you add to that my second place a week earlier in Norway on the Grenland track, you can say that my second half of the championship was rather successful,” analyses Casper.

Admittedly, the points lost at the start of the championship in Nysum and Tierp clearly worked against him, but the Team OMSE driver was able to turn things around. Indeed, from an average of 18.75 points scored per race in the first half of the season, Casper Jansson clearly played eye-to-eye with the other favourites over the last four races of the championship, with an average of 23.5 points between Kouvola and Höljes.

“Inevitably, my start to the championship wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, but that’s part of the game. My problem this year has been my lack of precision and consistency in qualifying,” continues Casper.

Indeed, with a total of 105 points scored in qualifying, compared with 119 for 2023 champion Simon Olofsson, Casper is well aware of what he may have been missing this year.

“I also lacked success in the final stages, as my two semi-final eliminations were both the result of mechanical issues. I knew it before the championship started, but the key to winning the title was to qualify for a final every weekend. Nevertheless, I can’t complain. My second half of the season was good, and finishing the year with a victory in Höljes is the best thing that could have happened to me. Now we’re going to take our time and analyze what we’re going to do next year”