Andreas Eriksson: “RallyX to continue being the best Rallycross school in the world”

While Olsbergs-MSE and FirstCorner this week confirmed the introduction of the FC2 concept, which from 2024 will enable Supercar Lites participants to enter the Supercar category thanks to a specific kit, Andreas Eriksson confirmed his determination to do everything possible to ensure that RallyX continues to bring out the best talents on the Rallycross planet.

From 2024, in addition to CrossCar Junior, CrossCar Senior and Supercar Lites, the launch of the Supercar-eligible FC2 concept will enable the best prospects to find something to suit their age, level of development and budgetary resources.

And for Andreas Eriksson and RX Promotion, it’s at the base of the pyramid that the youngest drivers need to be given a career and progression plan that can be as clear-cut as possible.

“A few seasons ago, we opted for the two CrossCar categories in the RallyX championship, and this has proved to be a great success,” comments Andreas Eriksson.

“From the age of 12, we have succeeded in bringing together the best young drivers, who can now showcase their talent as well as their potential. And again this year, in both the Junior and Senior classes, we’ve seen two extremely competitive championships. It’s good timing, because that’s clearly what we need if we’re to give these young drivers the opportunity to become tomorrow’s Rallycross stars.”

“Our aim is to continue to make the RallyX championship the best Rallycross school in the world, and to ensure that our drivers can eventually establish themselves as recognized figures in the world of motorsport. Nevertheless, when you take a look at the drivers who have already competed in our championship in recent seasons, I believe we have succeeded perfectly in our mission.”

Indeed, from Oliver Solberg to Isak Reiersen and Patrik Hallberg, who took first and second place respectively in the Swedish Rally Championship in 2023, the RallyX championship contributes every year to the emergence of first-rate talent. And the list is so long that naming the drivers in question would be a tedious task.

The latest example is Lukas Andersson, who at just 15 years of age has proved that he can establish himself as a heavyweight in the Supercar Lites category, even though he was still competing in the Junior CrossCar category last season.

“We’re seeing more and more very young drivers who are now able to get behind the wheel of real racing cars and perform well in both Rallycross and Rally. Our aim now is to enable these young drivers to compete in Supercar Lites even earlier. So, by going straight from CrossCar to Supercar Lites at the age of 15, they would have all the time they need to gather as much experience as possible to prepare them for the next stage of FC2 and Supercar”.

“From now on, we have all the tools available to offer young drivers real perspectives for the future. In this respect, I’m convinced that over the next few years we’ll see ever younger and faster drivers joining the ranks of Supercar’s premier class.”

“In fact, that’s why we chose to launch the FC2 concept. When a young driver enters RallyX, we want them to have a roadmap that is as clear as possible, while offering each one steps that can be adapted to their development and thus simplify the task of one day reaching the status of professional driver.”