Lukas Andersson: “I just want to keep having fun”


Lukas Andersson may have entered the 2023 season as a rookie, but that hasn’t stopped the JC Raceteknik driver from making a strong impression in the Supercar Lites category. Finishing third overall in his first season at this level of racing, the 15-year-old Swede clearly has no intention of changing his approach.

While it was widely expected that Lukas Andersson would have to go through a learning process in the Supercar Lites category, the JC Raceteknik driver has exceeded expectations.

In his fourth season in RallyX, the former Junior CrossCar champion and runner-up has been particularly busy beating the odds, winning three of the first four rounds of the championship.

Leading the championship on two occasions before the experienced Simon Olofsson and Martin Enlund managed to regain the advantage over a rookie capable of posting eight fastest qualifying times and 15 top-three finishes in 26 qualifying runs, Lukas Andersson doesn’t harbor any frustration at having come so close to claiming the crown.

“It’s been a really fantastic season and for my first steps in Supercar Lites it’s clear that I couldn’t have hoped for anything better,” Lukas points out.

“I managed to win the first two races of the season at Nysum and I believe that this performance has given me the confidence I need to manage the rest of the championship in the best possible way. As for the rest, I didn’t feel any particular pressure despite my double victory in Denmark. I just took things as they came. Above all, I’d like to thank JC Raceteknik. Throughout the championship I was able to rely on a team that gave me all the support I needed to perform well.”

With a maturity that is rare for his young age, Lukas admits that he didn’t expect to be able to topple the favorites in the Supercar Lites category.

“Obviously I was surprised by my level of performance. I didn’t expect it to go so well. In fact, before the championship started, I told myself that if I could qualify for a final in 2023, it would be a great first step. As it happens, I’ve done much better than that. To be honest, I never expected such a scenario”.

However, the teenager who will return to the game in 2024 with a genuine favorite’s tag attached to his name is aware that he has yet to reach his full potential and that he still has a long way to go.

“I think the area where I need to make the most progress is in managing my emotions. Sometimes I haven’t always been able to make the right decisions and I know that these are small mistakes that I have to work hard not to repeat as time goes on. The next step for me will clearly be to work on being more consistent.”

“However, I don’t intend to change my approach. The goal will be to tackle 2024 the same way I did 2023. I just want to do my best and give it my all. I don’t feel any obligation to do better than third overall this year. I just want to continue to learn as much as I can and have fun, because the essence of sport is to have fun in everything you do.”