Kevin Eriksson moves from Honda Civic to new FC2

Last season’s RallyX runner-up, after a breathtaking duel with six-time Rallycross World Champion Johan Kristoffersson, Kevin Eriksson is about to embark on a new chapter in his sporting career and has set his sights on the all-new FC2.

Officially unveiled last autumn by OMSE and First Corner, the FC2 concept recycles the Supercar Lites platform into a car capable of competing with the best Supercars on the grid in the coming weeks.

Powered by turbocharged engine and redesigned mechanically to meet these new challenges, Kevin Eriksson will be one of the drivers in charge of developing the FC2.

” Obviously I am very excited,” says Kevin Eriksson.

“Getting involved in a new project like this can only make me happy. Besides, developing a new car is an area where I feel at home.”

With three wins and a total of five podiums in the Honda Civic Supercar last season, Kevin Eriksson has no doubts about the potential of the future FC2. A car that has already completed its first laps in the USA.

“I am confident about the FC2 concept. For one thing, we already know that the lap times of the Supercar Lites cars have always been very close to the real Supercars on some tracks. With the addition of a new, much more powerful turbocharged engine, new suspension and a host of other fine-tuned areas, we’ll be able to keep all the elements that made the Supercar Lites so strong, while adding components that will allow us to compete with the current Supercars.”

One thing is for sure, Kevin Eriksson’s first few miles on the other side of the Atlantic were enough to reassure the Swede about the FC2’s capabilities.

“Of course, we’ve been testing our cars mainly in the USA and on Nitrocross tracks, which are much more exciting but also much more demanding for the cars than European tracks. We already know that reliability won’t be a problem. I also know how effective the Supercar Lites platform is on tarmac, so I’m not at all worried about finding the optimum set-up to get our cars up to speed quickly on the tracks we have in Europe, where the amount of dirt is much lower than on Nitrocross tracks.”

Kevin Eriksson, therefore, sees no reason why he cannot replicate the success of the previous season in his 2024 campaign.

The addition of Buxtehude to the RallyX calendar, where he took his first World Rallycross Championship victory in 2016 thanks to an impressive first corner move in the final against Petter Solberg, can only increase the Team OMSE pilot’s motivation.

“I think we’ll have the means to compete with the other Supercars as early as the 2024 season. Of course, as with any new car, we’ll be looking for new solutions to get faster and faster every time we get the chance to race. Our first tests in the USA have already allowed us to compare our lap times with those of the Group E FC1-Xs and the Supercar Lites. I have to admit that our performance was more than competitive, even though we were at a very early stage in the car’s development.”

“In 2024 my goal will be the same as in 2023. Obviously I want to be able to fight for the title until the last race of the season in Buxtehude. Of course, if there’s one circuit where I’d like to have one last decisive race and try to do something spectacular in the first corner, it’s at the Estering.”