Oliver Eriksson commits to full season with new FC2

Oliver Eriksson, who has eight wins and a total of 18 podiums in his RallyX career, has confirmed that he will return to the series on a full-time basis in 2024.

While his last full season in RallyX was in 2020, when he won the Supercar category, Oliver Eriksson will support Team OMSE’s war efforts at the wheel of a second FC2, which he will drive alongside Kevin Eriksson.

In 2023, Oliver Eriksson made do with four races at the wheel of the Honda Civic Supercar. However, his half season in RallyX brought him two podium finishes at the end of the year, in Grenland and Höljes.

“It is a pleasure to confirm my return to RallyX,” Oliver comments.

“My last full season in this championship dates back to 2020, when things went quite well for me thanks to winning the title at the end of the year. Since then I’ve only driven occasionally, but with the introduction of the new FC2 it made sense for me to return to RallyX full-time this year. We’ll see how things go with the new car, but we’re determined to push the championship even higher. This year we’ll have the chance to compete at Buxtehude for the first time and I think the 2024 season will undoubtedly be the most memorable in the history of the RallyX championship.”

Credit: QBA

Oliver Eriksson, who was beaten by Oliver Solberg and Robin Larsson in 2018 and 2019, is aware that nothing will be easy.

“I love competing in the RallyX championship because you’re up against the best rallycross drivers in the world. Even though we often compete in different championships, RallyX is the platform where we can all meet and compete in one place. For my part, I have already won this title in 2020, but I don’t intend to stop there. My goal is clearly to keep adding to my list of successes. We’ll see how things go, but I aim to bring my A-game to the 2024 season”

“The rumours I’ve heard so far seem to indicate that there will be a lot of top drivers competing in the 2024 season. It’s going to be a very exciting championship. For our part, we’ll be concentrating on the development of the FC2, with the aim of making this turbocharged four-wheel drive the most competitive car in rallycross. Our expectations are very high in this respect and I can’t hide the fact that I’m already very curious to see how things will develop in 2024.”