Jere Huuhka to make Junior class debut

After three seasons in the 85cc Finnish CrossCar Championship, Jere Huuhka will follow in his older brother’s footsteps in the RallyX Championship in 2024.

Although Jere Huuhka won’t start racing until 2021, the young Finn has quickly found his way.

After finishing seventh in the Finnish 85cc championship in his first season at this level of racing, Jere went on to claim 5th place in 2022 before clinching the runner-up spot last season.

This time around, Jere Huuhka is preparing to open a new chapter in his sporting career by entering the highly competitive junior category, which brings together the future stars of rallycross.

Like his brother Riku in the Senior category, it’s at the wheel of a Speedcar Wonder chassis that Jere will discover the specifics of the RallyX championship.

“Jere started in CrossCar at the same time as I did three years ago,” points out Riku Huuhka.

“However, he still doesn’t have much Rallycross experience, while he will be tackling a brand new category with this junior championship. For him, the first goal will be to get to know his new CrossCar as well as the characteristics of the tracks that are on this year’s 2024 calendar”.

Of the five races on the Finnish championship calendar in 2023, Jere Huuhka collected no less than two wins and a total of four podiums, finishing just eight points behind Iivari Männistö for the title.