Eric Färén impressed by the performance of the FC2

Like CrossCar driver Elias Svensson, Team Färén boss Eric Färén recently had the opportunity to take the wheel of the new FC2. An experience the former RallyX Supercar runner-up was delighted with.

While Eric Färén has never hidden his interest in the FC2 concept, the Swede had the chance to get a better idea of it over the last few days by taking the controls of the new weapon built by OMSE and First Corner, which will make its official racing debut in the RallyX championship in just over two months time at Tierp.

“It was great fun to be one of the first drivers to test the FC2. Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to drive a car like this, I have to admit that it was pretty amazing,” Eric points out.

“You really get the feeling that you’ve got all the strengths of the Lites Supercar chassis back. The big difference to the Lites is obviously the engine power. While the Lites Supercar already gave us cornering speeds equal to or better than a classic Supercar, I have to admit that the turbo engine makes it even faster with the FC2”

An engine whose characteristics attracted the interest of the Team Färén boss.

“I knew the chassis had an excellent base, but now in terms of engine power and torque it’s identical to what you would feel in a normal supercar. In any case, these are the two points that impressed me the most. I was able to do runs with and without the anti-lag system, but even without ALS I could feel how much torque was there. I’m convinced of the potential of the FC2. From my point of view we already have a very good package with this car.”