Robin Grana aims for the top

Back for a second consecutive season in the RallyX championship, Robin Grana seems more motivated than ever to take his Speedcar Wonder chassis to the top of the Senior CrossCar category.

Eighth in the overall standings in 2023, the former Norwegian champion caused a sensation last May when he qualified for two consecutive finals at the Tierp Arena and took the opportunity to take his first win in only his third race at this level.

However, despite two more top-six finishes in the intermediate classification at Kouvola, Robin failed to qualify for a final in the remaining four events of the year.

A situation that contributed to his drop from sixth to eighth place in the overall standings.

“Even though I had high ambitions when I came to RallyX last year, aiming for a much better position in the overall standings, I still think that this first season went quite well. If it hadn’t been for the few technical mistakes we made and the contact on the track, which sometimes cost us a lot of points, I’m convinced that we could have done much better than eighth place in the championship,” analyses Robin.

One thing is for sure, the Norwegian has made the most of the 2023 season to build his confidence and gain benchmarks that could stand him in good stead in the coming weeks.

Jan Kaare Rafoss

“My best memory is definitely the race in Tierp. I was really happy to see that I could put in top performances. Also in Kouvola we had very good speed, but the contact in the first corner of the semi-final stopped me from going all the way. The same happened in Grenland, although I had high hopes for this race on a track I know very well, while the final race in Höljes was marred by very serious brake and engine problems.

Third in the CrossCar category behind Eek Murstad and Svensson with a total of five fastest laps compared to seven for the latter two, Robin Grana will also have managed 13 top-eight finishes in the 26 qualifying rounds of the 2023 season.

All the more reason for Grana to revise his ambitions upwards.

“This year I’m approaching the RallyX championship with a completely different mindset. I now know all the specifics of RallyX, while I’m starting to get a good feel for my rivals. Whether it’s my agility behind the wheel, my speed or my ability to concentrate, I want to use this new season to improve in all areas. That’s why I’m making sure I prepare as well as I can so that I can give 100% of my potential at every event.”

As you can imagine, Robin Grana will be back on the RallyX scene in May at Tierp with the determination to play a leading role.

“My driving was pretty good last year and I think I have everything I need to be at the front. I’m convinced that this season will be good for me. For my part, the goal is clear: to be at the top of the class.”