Marceau Launay: “I can’t wait to start this new adventure”

By joining the Olsbergs-MSE outfit and the Supercar Lites category for a full season in the RallyX championship, Marceau Launay is about to enter a whole new dimension.

The 2023 French Junior Champion is looking forward to taking on some of the best specialists on the rallycross scene as he switches from his Renault Clio Rally5 to a Supercar Lites.

“This is obviously a very special moment for me. I’m joining a team that is at the highest level in the world and it’s a real honor to know that I’ll be working with OMSE for a whole season,” explains Marceau Launay.

“Everything is new for me. Whether it’s the championship, the team, the car, the way we work, the tracks, the drivers or the Scandinavian culture, I’ll have an enormous number of new things to discover. For all these reasons, this challenge will definitely take me out of my comfort zone. The driving style is different and I’ll have to adapt to these tracks, which have a lot more elevation changes and gravel than in France. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to start this new adventure”.

Jan Kaare Rafoss

Although he was unsure what to do next in his sporting career after winning the French Junior Rallycross title last year, Marceau Launay now has a top class racing package that he intends to use to take his development to the next level.

“Like the World and European Championships, I have been following the RallyX Championship from afar, but I never imagined that such a program was possible. And what better way to discover such a championship than with the OMSE team. It’s ideal for me because I know I’ll have all the tools I need to work in the best possible conditions. To be honest, at the end of last season the idea of competing in the RallyX championship seemed very far away, but when the possibility of this project arose during the winter, we did everything we could to make it a reality”.

“I am happy because originally we returned to rallycross last year with the idea of sticking to this one season in 2023 and with the aim of winning the junior title. In just a few months new doors have opened. It’s satisfying because it rewards all the hard work and effort we’ve put in. The fact that I’m joining a championship that is so competitive and capable of bringing together some of the biggest teams in rallycross, such as KMS, Volland Racing, JC Raceteknik, Set Promotion and the Hansen family, is a very special moment for me. It’s a great way to continue my development and show my potential in front of the international rallycross elite.”