Kevin Daarbak, a top talent for Supercar Lites

After shining in the ranks of the Danish CrossCar Championship with five titles in the last four seasons, Kevin Daarbak will use this 2024 campaign to take his first steps in the Supercar Lites arena.

Alongside his older brother Tobias, who made a name for himself in the FIA Euro RX TouringCar during the 2018 season and will also compete in a Supercar Lites, Kevin Daarbak will be one of the youngest drivers on the grid at just 16 years of age.

“I’ve won five national titles in Denmark, but the time has come for me to take things to the next level,” says Kevin.

“I am now old enough to drive a Supercar Lites. I’ve always dreamed of competing in Rallycross and battling with the best. Beyond this Supercar Lites campaign, my goal is of course to enter the Supercar category one day.”

Last season, the youngster made his first appearance in the RallyX championship, but his journey in Junior CrossCar and his 16th place overall didn’t really allow him to show his potential and speed.

“I gave it my all last year, but it wasn’t nearly enough,” recalls Kevin.

“I only had a standard engine, while we were also experiencing major technical problems with the CrossCar we’d just bought. It didn’t help that we were unable to do any testing before the start of the championship. Fortunately, at the end of the season I decided to go back to my old car and I have to admit that things went much better for me.”

As he prepares to head to Tierp Arena next week for the championship opener, Kevin Daarbak doesn’t want to put any pressure on himself.

“We were able to do two practice sessions with the car and things went quite well. I was able to adapt quickly and find more and more speed. This Supercar Lites is a lot of fun to drive, even if you have to adopt a completely different driving style to what I’m used to,” explains the young Danish driver.

“This year I know I’m just one of the underdogs. The more time I get behind the wheel, the better I’ll be. For now, the main goal is to learn as much as possible and give my best with my family team. We’ll be up against some big names in the category, but I’m not forgetting that I’m just a rookie at this level of racing.”

“I don’t have as much experience with the car as the more experienced drivers, but the good thing is that I will be able to rely on the support of my brother, who will be racing in the same category as me. I know I’ll learn a lot. Let’s not forget that although I’m experienced in CrossCar, I’m much less so in Rallycross, while the level of the Supercar Lites category promises to be very high, with a lot of very fast drivers.”