Gustav Bergstrom gets a shot with the Hyundai i20

Revelation of the 2022 FIA World Rallycross Championship season with the KMS team, Gustav Bergstrom will take advantage of the second stage of the RallyX championship to come this weekend in Tierp to get back into Rallycross.

Indeed, it is behind the wheel of the Hedstroms Motorsport Hyundai i20 with which Peter Hedstrom won Race 1 in Nysum almost two weeks ago that Gustav Bergstrom will take part in Race 2 in Tierp this Sunday.

Able to qualify six times for a final last year in FIA World RX, with a total of three podiums to his credit, the 20 year old Swedish driver was able to beat all the predictions.

For the Stockholm based driver, this home event in Tierp has quickly become a priority after a successful practice session at the Strängnäs Motorstadion on Wednesday.

“I have to admit that I was convinced by the car from the very first kilometers I was able to drive it,” Gustav emphasizes.

“I felt good. The Hyundai is a very good car while the team allowed me to work in a pleasant atmosphere.”

With a few RallyX outings already in 2021 and 2022, Gustav Bergstrom sees this Tierp stage as another opportunity to further his progression in Rallycross.

“If you compare my experience in Rallycross to my opponents, it is clear that I am still a beginner. This is only my third year in Rallycross so I obviously have a lot to learn if I want to catch up. Nevertheless, being an underdog and trying to create a surprise is something I’m looking forward to.