An unforgettable experience for Charlie Rosmalm-Sebom

Third in the Swedish Junior CrossCar championship in 2022 and NEZ championship winner, young Swedish Charlie Rosmalm-Sebom took advantage of the final stage of the 2023 season to discover the thrill of the RallyX championship. An experience the Junior Championship driver will not soon forget.

For his first time at this level of racing, Charlie Rosmalm-Sebom did not disappoint last September in Höljes. Able to set the second and fifth fastest times in the two free practice sessions, an eighth fastest time in Q1 followed by a first career Top 5 in Q4 enabled him to clinch tenth place in the intermediate classification.

Despite being eliminated in the semi-final, a ninth-place finish at the end of the race in Höljes rewarded the efforts of the 15-year-old Swede.

“It’s very complicated to compete as hard as the big names in this championship. Our aim was to reach the final, but unfortunately my journey came to an end a little earlier than planned”.

That’s not to spoil Charlie Rosmalm-Sebom’s fun, however.

“I wanted to come to Höljes to gain as much experience as possible, and from that point of view, I’ve succeeded perfectly. On the other hand, I think we lacked a bit of engine power to really catch up with the best drivers. Even if it was only a ten-horsepower deficit, I really had to push hard behind the wheel to make up for it. The difference was particularly noticeable on corner exits, where I was forced to drop down a gear to try and lose as little time as possible”

An appearance in the RallyX championship could well give him some ideas for the future.

“Obviously, I’d love to be involved in the RallyX championship in 2024. This year, we’re focused on the NEZ championship, where I managed to take second place overall. Unfortunately, due to a lack of budget, I was forced to skip the last round in Finland. It’s a pity, because without it, the title should logically have gone to me for the second year in a row”.

“My aim now is to be able to take part in a full season in the RallyX championship. I hope I’ll be able to find the budget, because I had a lot of fun at Höljes. The RallyX atmosphere is really special, and I think I’ve really got into it.”

It now remains to be seen in which category Charlie Rosmalm-Sebom will reappear in 2024.

“I’m only 15, so theoretically I still have another year in the Junior category. Nevertheless, everything will depend on our ability to solve this engine power deficiency, because I think we have the potential to get closer to the podium. On the other hand, if we can’t find an engine solution, the Senior class would undoubtedly be a good option. Unlike the Junior category, where the slightest mistake behind the wheel has a massive impact on the final result, the Senior category is more permissive. For the moment, nothing has been decided, but it’s a question we’ll be thinking about”